The choice between engineered and solid hardwood flooring can seem daunting at first. You might think either product is as good as the other, and that's not wrong.

But the truth is, one of these products could serve your needs best. And the more you find out about them, the better decisions you can make while shopping.

1. Consider solid wood flooring benefits

Solid wood is most noted for a lifespan that can surpass 100 years with ease. But they're also beautiful, durable, and easy to refinish, up to several times.

2. Consider engineered wood floor benefits

Engineered wood flooring is perfect for spaces with dampness, humidity, and frequent temperature changes. The materials hold up well in these spaces while retaining a "real wood" status

3. Consider the similarities of both floors

No matter which flooring you choose, you'll find the perfect species for your needs. Some are harder than others, and one is likely to serve you best.

Both floors offer pre-finished and site-finished material options. Pre-finished floors offer a faster installation, while site-finished wood offers more stain colors.

When you start to see wear, you'll find both products can be refinished. And both engineered and solid hardwood flooring can go through refinishing up to several times.

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