Your choice of color is an important one. Especially with wood flooring, it can set the tone of the room and even the entire house. However, keep in mind that colors can be tiny chameleons; they change their look depending on how they're accessorized; for example, a gray wood floor can either look modern and cool-toned or warm and cozy.

Also, remember that even though a floor has a natural color, it can be stained and finished to give it a different, distinct look. For example, white oak (light brown, not white) can be stained to be very light or dark to look almost black.

We found that many of our customers prefer to stay with warm, earthy tones at our hardwood flooring company because they're classic and never go out of style. In that case, we advise using natural-toned stains with words like golden, pecan, oak, mahogany, chestnut, and cherry.

Consider the room

Is it small or large, sunny or dark? Light colors make a room look light and airy; in fact, blond floors brighten a room because the sun's rays bounce off the planks! Alternatively, dark floors make a small and dark room look even more so and think about balance. You might be able to have dark floors in a small space if you use lighter shades for walls and accessories.

What is the overall style of your home?

The color of your solid hardwood flooring should harmonize with your home's existing decor, including wall and trim colors, cabinets, appliances, countertops, and accessories. For rooms where you can't install solid hardwood flooring, such as bathrooms or other high moisture areas, be sure those flooring colors harmonize with the rest of the home and your wood floors.

Think about your lifestyle

Balance plays a significant role here. Light floors tend to hide dirt, dust, and scratches easily, which can be ideal if you have kids and pets. However, if that pet has dark fur, you won't want it all over your light floors. On the other hand, if your kids and pets constantly track dirt and mud, that will show on your dark floors, so you may prefer to vacuum more often or make that room off-bounds for the shedding pet.

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